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(8 - 9 Hours)

The place of prophecy.


Just 185 km northwest of Athens lies the Delphi area.
An area with intense tourist traffic as it also is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Delphi was the place with the famous and important oracle of the ancient Greek world, which became a place of worship of god Apollo.
According to mythology "The Center of the World". It was the meeting point of two eagles that Jupiter had liberated in opposite directions.
The walk in the archaeological site of Delphi is a unique experience as you will admire the Sanctuary of Apollo, Pythia, the Ancient Theater, the Ancient Stadium, the Temple of Athena Pronaia, the Sacred Source of Kastalia , the Museum of Delphi etc.


According to the Greek law, the driver is not allowed to provide escort / sightseeing services within archaeological sites.
If you wish, we can include a professional tour guide on your trip.

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