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Ancient Olympia

(10 Hours)

The place where the Olympic spirit was born.


This is where the spirit of noble competition was born, the Olympic Games!
The golden metal of the era was a branch of olive tree!!!!!!
Before the beggining of the Olympic Games, a ceremony takes place, where the Pristesses of the Teple of Olympia, pray to God SUN, who sends them the sacred flame!! This travels from Olympia Greece, to the country that the Olympic Games will take place!, the Museum of Ancient Olympia, the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera, the Ancient Stadium, are also some of the sightseen of Olympia, a visitor should see!!!!


According to the Greek law, the driver is not allowed to provide escort / sightseeing services within archaeological sites.
If you wish, we can include a professional tour guide on your trip.

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